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Meat Products  


At V&V Walsh we are committed to manufacture goods to set customer specifications and to ensure that all AusMeat requirements and AQIS Regulations are being maintained by staff at all times.


V&V Walsh process top quality yearling beef throughout the year. Depending on the season, premium grass fed, grain fed and milk fed yearling beef is available in both carcass and part carcass form.


V & V Walsh have a large range of prime cross-bred Western Australian lamb products available to suit all customer requirements, be it in carcass or part carcass form. From sucker lambs in the spring to grain fed lambs from V & V Walsh's fully shedded feedlot in the winter, premium lamb is guaranteed all year round.


With Western Australia having a very large sheep flock, V & V Walsh can supply whatever grade of mutton that is required by their customers. Frozen boneless and bone-in mutton products are cut and packed for various markets throughout the world.


V & V Walsh produce all lamb and beef offals which are carefully trimmed and packed to our customers specifications. The time taken from leaving the kill floor to freeze the offals to -10C is less than 48 hours.


Frozen sheep runners (green) are available and will be packed to customer requirements. The runners are a minimum 24 metres in length with a thickness range from 24-25 ml one end to 16-18 ml the other end. They are packed into bundles of 30. Each green runner comes from high quality lambs averaaging 21kg. The time taken from leaving the kill floor to freeze the offals to -10C is less than 48 hours


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